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Energy Justice Book On Sale Nov. 30!

I have co-edited a new book, Energy Justice: US and International Perspectives, which will be released on November 30th and is available for pre-order now. I am proud to say that it is among the first books of its kind, and co-edited entirely by women of color: myself and my eminent colleagues Carmen Gonzales and Elizabeth Kronk Warner.

Energy Justice, broadly, requires a moral examination of energy systems. Specifically, it focuses the lens of climate justice, indigenous rights, environmental justice, and human rights onto energy law and policy. Fundamentally, our society must understand the financial, technological and moral implications of upgrading and transforming the world's energy systems in the face of climate change. This book illuminates this theory of energy justice while emphasizing practical solutions that hasten the transition from fossil fuels and address the inequities that plague energy systems.

Contributions from prominent scholars and practitioners demonstrate how energy justice frameworks can be applied in theory and practice. With a foreword by Dr Robert Bullard, Energy Justice is a resource for: law students and professors; researchers, students and faculty of graduate and undergraduate courses in the area of energy and the environment; and advocates and policymakers in the area of energy and the environment.

Contributors include: S.H. Baker, A. Brown, R. Bullard, R. Colton, M. Dworkin, S. Foster, C.G. Gonzalez, E.A. Kronk Warner, D.S. Olawuyi, O. Outka, R. Salter, C. Sandoval, D.N. Scott, A.A. Smith, P. Sheppard, E. Stein, and J. Wolfley.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

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